3DCertified.com Films 3D Porn using the same technology that Hollywood uses to film its 3D movies. Watch in amazement as the action comes to life, right in your home or office!

When we started this project we decided, that unless we can truly WOW the viewer, and truly revolutionize porn viewing, we won't try selling the content. For many years Hollywood production companies kept on releasing so called 3D movies, you know the ones that never really looked like 3D. Then the right technology was born and it changed 3D forever.

Forget everything you thought you know about 3D, the technology we used is new and extremely innovative, there is absolutely nothing on the market right now that even comes close.

At first we tried doing things the cheap way, we tried using those side by side camera setups and some nonsense 3D editing program. The results were horrible; we finally understood why people hate most of the 3D out there.

Then we decided to bring on some top Hollywood movie directors that are expert stereographers, the results where amazing, the problem was that it was only amazing when we viewed it on a special 3D monitor. Obviously, that didn't work for us as our goal was to allow anyone to view our quality 3D movies, even if they had a regular computer or laptop.

So we went even further and hired the best 3D production consultants, and invested in complex 3D production equipment, and top of the line cameras, capable of shooting feature films. Then we underwent extensive training on the filming and editing of 3D movies.

In order to be able to allow anyone to view quality 3D on their computer, we needed to build a special player, so even when the movie is played on a regular monitor, the 3D effect can be seen easily and comfortably, without this special player, there is no way to allow people with regular computers to enjoy quality 3D.

Words cannot describe how amazing our 3D porn content is, that is why we went ahead and put together sample trailers and sample photos of some of our content, this way you can see for yourself that our 3D is unlike anything out there. Keep in mind, these are just samples, when you watch the full movie, you will get to see the 3D effect way stronger. All our 3D movies are shot in full HD!

We don't think you will watch regular porn after you experience 3D. 2D is your plain old style movie. You can download it or you can stream it. All our movies are DRM free, meaning you can watch it anytime even after your membership expires.

We support every popular color combination of 3D glasses. You can download it or stream it, this also allows anyone with a computer to enjoy our movies.

Many computer makers now have 3D polarized monitors or laptops. The most popular being the Acer 3D Laptop or the Lenovo 3D laptop. You can stream it or download it.

Yes, you can experience our 3D movies using your Nvidia shutter glasses and 3D ready monitor.

Both within the 3D player and also a downloadable version for those who want to view it in their own player.

Instead of just shooting one style of content, we mixed in all types of niches and fetishes, you will love the continuous growing collection of movies you will have access to.

if you don't have your own 3D glasses, simply fill out a simple form and we will mail you 2 pairs of 3D glasses (1 for each color combination). It is very important that you try viewing 3D in both color combinations, you will be amazed how one combination can make your 3D experience 100 times better. We respect your privacy and do not mention anything inside or outside of the packaging that its porn related. (It will arrive from a 3D glasses company in approximately 3 days, if you live outside the USA, expect the glasses within 5-7 days)

If you have questions about 3D or any support issues, we are right here to help. The cost of filming 3D is significantly higher than filming regular porn, the models are longer on the set, and the filming and editing is way more tedious, not to mention the equipment and additional crew that's needed in order to deliver Hollywood quality 3D.

Originally, we were going to sell our movies on a clip by clip basis (pay per view), but we decided that due to the bad economy, we will temporarily offer all the 3D movies for one low price, (those who join now, will never have to pay any per movie fees).

In a matter of minutes, you can be watching amazing 3D porn. You will feel as if you are right in the middle of the action, and the models will appear as if they are in your home or office.

Treat yourself for a change, you deserve it!

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