• Step 1: Download the Stereoscopic Player software at http://www.3dtv.at/Downloads/Index_en.aspx it is free of charge.

  • Step 2: Go to "File" » Open And select the movie file you would like to play (see image)

  • Step 3: You might get a popup asking you to select the input format, make sure to select "Side by Side, Left Image First" and under aspect ratio please select "Default" (see image).

  • Step 4: Put on your 3D anaglyph glasses and go to "View" » Viewing Method » Anaglyph » Optimized Anaglyph Red Cyan (see image). Keep in mind if your glasses are another color combination please select that. When you see the words "Red Cyan" it means that your left lense of your glasses is red and the right is cyan. Red / Cyan is the most common glasses out there and are the best glasses to watch 3DCertified movies.

    You can also select the other Red Cyan options like "Color Anaglyph Red / Cyan" and see how you like that. The key is play around with different anaglyph options, until you find what you like most. But in our research most like the "Optimized Anaglyph Red Cyan" option.

    The following is a screenshot of the lower part of the stereoscopic player, there are 3 buttons we would like to discuss (see image).

    If this button in pressed the movie will turn monoscopic, AKA 2D, it makes the video non 3D. In addition you can turn off 3D by going to "View" » Preferred Viewing Method » Monoscopic (see image).

    Pressing this button will turn on the 3D (if its turned off that is). You can also turn it on and off by going to the menu shown above.

    The L R on this buttons stands for "Left", "Right". You can quickly change what colors are for what eye by clicking this button. So for example if you selected to play a clip with the right eye being red and the left eye being cyan, you can switch that by simply clicking this button. You can also manually change that by going to "View" » Viewing Method » Anaglyph » And selecting any combination you wish.

  • A) Make sure you know for sure the color setup of your anaglyph glasses, selecting the wrong color combination or telling the system the wrong info as to what eyes has what color will hurt your 3D viewing experience.

    B) Make sure that you selected the proper Viewing method - to do that, go to "View"Viewing Method and select Anaglyph » Optimized Anaglyph Red Cyan (or whatever your glasses color combination is) See Image.

    C) Double check that the movie is being played "Side by side left image first", to do that go to "File" » Layout » and select ""Side by side left image first" (see image).

    D) Double check that the aspect ratio is set to default, to do that go to "File" » Aspect Ratio » Default (see image).

    E) Sometimes by mistake you might have adjusted the Parallax, to reset the parallax go to "File" » Parallax » Reset Parallax (see image).

  • Sometimes watching 3D is best with your lights turned off, give it a try you might like it.
    The bigger the monitor the better the effect, always try to maximize and watch the movies in full screen mode, see image.

    If you get codec errors, download and run the following codec http://www.3dcertified.com/codec.rar
    Feel free to contact us anytime if you need further help.

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