• How to view 3DCertified movies and photos in the 3DCertified Flash Player using anaglyph or polarized glasses.

    The 3DCertified flash player will play in all the top web browsers including, IE, Chrome, FF, and Safari. It doesn't matter if you have a windows based machine or a Mac. In addition your computer or monitor setup does not matter. As long as you have 3D anaglyph glasses (color 3d glasses i.e. red / cyan or any color combination) or polarized glasses (with a you can start enjoying our 3D movies right away.

    First we will review our 3D "Photo" flash player, NOTE: the menu items on this player are different than our 3D video player, below is a screen grab of the player. If you do not see the menu, click anywhere on the player and it will bring it up.

  • Now let's review the following buttons.

  • Media - Click this button to bring up the photo gallery

  • Display - This will bring up a menu that will allow you to select how you would like to view the 3D images.

  • The default is "Red Cyan dubois left eye red" and obviously you can change that to whatever matches your glasses and whatever gives you the best effect. If you have a polarized 3D computer setup simply select "Polarized, row-interlaced".

  • Fullscreen - clicking this button will make the movie play in full screen, hit the ESC button on your keyboard to get out of full screen mode.

  • Turn Off 3D - This allows you to quickly turn on or off the 3D option, when you turn it off it will show the move as a regular movie with no 3D effect.

  • When you use the player to play a 3D video you will notice the Galley button is replaced with the following button.

  • This will bring up the play menu, that will allow you to pause, play, forward, mute and adjust audio.

  • The Display Menu allows you to further customize your 3D viewing experience.

  • The convergence by default is set to 0, you can try playing with it but in most cases 0 will be the best option. Anaglyph boost is best set at its default of 1.000 X

    Anaglyph Optimizations by checking this box the player will automatically scan the video or picture and change the stereoscopic display to what it feels will give you the best effect. It is best left unchecked.

    IMPORTANT: Should you ever notice the player is not showing pictures correctly, please review the above settings and make sure they match with your player settings. On the far right side of the player you will see the following buttons:

    Help - Will direct you to the 3DCertified.com step by step 3D guide.

    X - clicking the X will minimize the menu items, clicking the photo will hide the menu items, clicking it again will bring the menu items up.

  • Sometimes watching 3D is best with your lights turned off, give it a try you might like it. When watching movies on a polarized monitor, try adjusting your monitor to different heights and or positions. You will realize that small changes in position can make all the difference.

    The bigger the monitor the better the effect, always try to maximize and watch the movies in full screen mode. We understand that all this 3D stuff is new to most people, we tried hard to make things as clear and as simple as possible. Should you need any help whatsoever (3D related that is) feel free to contact us.

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