• There are 3 ways to view our movies in 2D (2D simply means non 3D).

  • 1. Simply download the 2D clips from the member's area. This will play just like any other movie you play on your computer.

  • 2. While playing it in our 3D flash player simply select the "Turn off 3D" Button. You can always press it again to reactivate the 3D.

  • 3. If you downloaded the side-by-side movie version from the members area and you are playing it thru the "Stereoscopic player", simply either press the button.

  • In addition you can turn off 3D by going to – View – Preferred Viewing Method – Monoscopic (that's a fancy word for 2D) see image.

  • Pressing this button will turn on the 3D (if its turned off that is). You can also turn it on and off by going to the menu shown above.

  • We understand that all this 3D stuff is new to most people, we tried hard to make things as clear and as simple as possible. Should you need any help whatsoever (3D related that is) feel free to contact us.

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