The most frequent asked questions made about 3Dcertified movies, 3D technology and more. We're here to assist you through it all!

  • What is
  • Last time I watched a 3D movie I wasn't impressed, what makes 3DCertified so different?
  • I do not have a 3D monitor or a special graphics card can I still view the pictures and movies?
  • What type of movies do you film?
  • What does 3D depth and 3D pop mean?
  • What type of 3D Glasses do I need?
  • What is the best way to view 3D on a home computer?
  • How can you offer 3D content at such a low cost?
  • As a member what do I get access to?
  • I purchased a membership and I want to cancel, how do I do that?
  • Do you have any step by step information on all the 3D playing options?
  • How do I join?
  • How do I login to the members area?
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