We would like to apologize for not setting up a special affiliate site full of photos of cash, exotic cars and blinking silver dollar signs. We decided it would be best to keep things simple and actually offer up information that will help you decide if promoting us is worth your time.

I apologize for this lengthy letter, if this was just another porn site I would simply have the bling photos and a join now link. But because this is a new concept, I felt I should go into detail as to what this is all about.

It's no secret that the consumer is in love with quality 3D, they are spending money on 3D movies and other 3D related products. Traditional porn sales have been on a decline for quite some time. The consumer has a ton of places to get it for free, and that is in addition to their huge stash of porn already on their hard drives.

When NetFlix launched their service in the 90's, all the traditional retail video rental store owners all said the same thing "it will never work, the consumer likes picking out their movies in person". When Amazon launched Kindle once again people who operate regular books stores where yelling and screaming that it won't work, people like reading real books, today e-books outsell physical books.

My point is that people within an industry hate change, we love yelling and screaming that sales are on a decline, yet we hate trying and testing things that are innovative, just the opposite we find reasons as to why it's bad.

The truth is if you truly study the evolution of porn, you will clearly see that 3D is the next step. Winston Churchill once said "The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you can see".

Think about it, here is a quick glimpse on how porn content evolved over the years (maybe I skipped a few steps, but you will get the point).

  • Drawings of nude people

  • Black and white nude photos

  • Color nude photos

  • Black and white adult video

  • Color adult videos

  • Small low res porn clips CD

  • Internet Porn

  • Adult DVDs

  • Adult BluRay DVDs

  • HD 3D porn!

Now unless you are one of those people that always think that whatever you are currently seeing is how far things will get, you will agree that the next step in content will be HD 3D quality adult films. Things progress whether we like it or not, unfortunately most people will wait until everyone jumped on the bandwagon before they jump in and try to make money with something.

Ask yourself, where you researching starting your own 900 number right about when people where already making a fortune selling adult content online? Where you busy trying to build your own TGP after the market was already saturated? Did you wait for many years to promote adult dating because you felt that people won't join? Where you contemplating promoting cam sites, 5 years after the party started?

You get my point, the vicious cycle most of us go thru when it comes to identifying an opportunity is very scary. First subconsciously we come up with theories as to why it won't work. Then we slowly start seeing everyone else promote it. But we are still too lazy to try it, we'd rather eat chips and ask other lazy people on ICQ if they think something works or not. Years later you realize that many are heavily promoting something and the consumer is buying, then you start trying to get in on the action, but by then it's already too late.

The people making money are the ones getting involved with innovative concepts at an early stage.

We are not saying 3D is everyone's ticket to making money, what we are saying is, that it's new, innovative and it's something that you should try.

Remember how many sites claimed they shoot in HD when it fact it was simply SD footage framed into a widescreen frame? Well, with 3D the surfer either sees things coming out of his screen and he joins or he sees nothing and he never returns to that site. That's why we allow people to view sample photos and videos, once they see things popping out, they join.

Remember, when it comes to 3D, depth alone or minor pop effects will not sell content, even Hollywood movies that do not impress the viewer with eye popping effects do not do as well in the box office, as 3D movies that have objects emerge from the screen. As bad as the economy is, we have seen over and over again that the consumer finds money to buy things that they find very useful and or cool. For example, within a short time of Apple launching its iPad product they sold over 4 million units, even in this economy.

We have many marketing tools available, including a gallery that features all types of 3D photos for every niche, we also have a huge selection of flash and gif banners etc. The consumer has gotten used to paying a premium for 3D. They understand 3D is the Rolls Royce method to watching a movie, they understand it's more expensive to film, and are ok with paying a premium price for it. If this was a better economy we would sell the downloads and charge per clip. But given the economic situation we decided to allow people to access the content for just $29.95 a month, included in that price is 2 pairs of 3D glasses!

You will get paid 50% directly from CCBill every week. We'd like to pay you more but we refuse to engage in cross sells, x-sells, shaving and other forms of consumer and webmaster deception.

The uniqueness of 3D and the amazing diversified content will make you way more money than any other content site, and you will get paid on time, every time. In addition instead of focusing on Lesbian content only or Handjobs only, we decided to have the site feature a mix of niches, this guarantees that there will be something for everyone.

Please note: Several million computers users have 3D computers. These users don't need anaglyph glasses, they use either shutter technology (same technology used by the 3D TV's) or they use a polarized 3D setup. We made sure that we offer all our movies to these people too. They currently have almost nothing to watch with their 3D system let alone porn. They are desperate to buy content so they can watch stuff on their 3D computers.

If you do not have 3D glasses handy you can pick them up locally or If you are too busy or lazy to go pick them up, we can mail a pair to you free of charge. (just pay $19.95 processing, just kidding). All we ask is join the affiliate program then fill out this quick and simple form, depending where you live you should receive it within 3-5 days. We make no mention of adult inside or outside the packaging, so its 100% confidential.

Many will jump right away and start poking fun of a domain name called 3DCertified.com, why not call it CockandPussy3Dsex.com, well the average surfer has lost every bit of trust in porn sites, we wanted a name that's not sexual, we wanted them to understand that we are an honest site that is delivering the best quality content they can possibly get, and one of the things we needed to do is use a name that doesn't sound like your typical porn site, our members will be happy they joined.

AFFILIATES BEWARE! Promoting 3D porn sites that feature no name models that speak no english, is like promoting a cam site with foreign models, the results are poor. As you can see we filmed some of the top pornstars for this site. Throw some traffic our way, you will see joins, the worse that happens is you remove the links, but we highly doubt that will be the case, 3D = $$$.

But why 3d?

1. The consumer doesn't have 3D porn (at least 3D porn worth a damn) on their hard drives yet.

2. No free 3D porn on any tube sites (again we are referring to 3D porn that is real 3D not garbage).

3. The consumer historically spends cash on anything that can enhance their masturbating experience, from better quality porn, to toys they can use while they jerk off. 3D porn will without a doubt make their porn watching experience 100x better.

4. It's new, it's unique, the consumer right now is in love with quality 3D, they are not just in love with it they are spending real dollars to watch it, in addition they are spending tons of money buying 3D computers and 3D TV's. 3d ready laptops are out of stock at many online retail sites.

Don't wait, be one of the first to promote this revolutionizing porn site, we are confident you will be glad you did.

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